Posted on February 27, 2014
Industrial Photography - Cutting Edge
Commercial Photography: Blue Table Chocolates
Posted on February 10, 2014
Product Photography: Boys And Their Toys
Photography: The music industry, the Heil Fin
Food Photography- O Croquembouche, O Croquembouche
Posted on November 11, 2013
Food Photography--Fungi Food Porn
Aerial photography-the Yukon Territories
Commercial Food Photography--Octoberfest Advertising
September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Posted on September 16, 2013
Silver Week- Travel Photography in Japan
An environmental portrait, no matter what the environment.
Posted on September 2, 2013
Market Forces at Play
Honoring the March on Washington, August 28
Fish roe at an editorial food shoot YUM!
Posted on August 19, 2013
In the Garden
Posted on August 8, 2013
Street Photography...Buffalo Style
Posted on August 5, 2013
Food photography and topography
Food Photography at Tappo in Buffalo, NY
Architectural Photography / Instagram
Posted on July 17, 2013
Tucked away on the waterfront
Urban Architecture and Great Lakes Archeology
Industrial architecture in the Rust Belt
Posted on July 7, 2013
La Dolce Vita
Posted on July 7, 2013